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by Cecile McVittie - Friday, 11 May 2018, 6:27 AM

As of 9:30 pm, May 10th, all students who used their original gedu password (which is their student number) or have changed their password to a password less than 8 characters long, have had their password reset to their student number prepended by the letters 'sd'. 

In other words, if a student's password was their student number such as 783557, their new password will be sd783557.

If a student has changed their password in the past and their password was less than 8 characters in length, then their password would also have been reset to this standard.

Student's who have changed their password to something longer than 8 characters will still have the same password as it would not have been changed.

This password change will affect the following systems :

GEDU accounts
Destiny/Quest logins,
Freshgrade logins,
Student email logins
@kool/online course logins
Summer school registration logins.

Logging into school workstations will not be affected as these use a different username and password mechanism.

If students wish to change their password, they can do so one of three ways :

1) They can log into their student email system and choose the 'change password' button  (
2) They can go to the site : and change their password there.
3) They can ask a teacher to reset their password using the student info zimlet located in your zimbra email system.

Please keep in mind, that any password change can take up to 15 minutes to be processed by Google, while all other systems are automatic.